Cormorant trapped in water inlet

This week, the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Rescue Services Department was called to the Mystic Generation Station in Charlestown, MA, for two separate incidents of a cormorant being trapped in a water inlet at the power plant.

While cormorants are aquatic birds, their short wings make it necessary for them to get some running room to take off – which was all but impossible in this confined space.

Trying to snare the cormorant.

Due to the high tide, wet conditions and tight space the aquatic bird was trapped in, rescue agents needed to suit up with climbing gear, scale a ladder, and try to snare the bird using a wide catch net. Passing rain showers added to the degree of difficulty, as did the cormorant’s frightened state.

To see a video of this rescue click here!

As the cormorant dove and resurfaced, agents were able to get the bird into the net, and slowly and safely bring it out of the water and into a carrier for transport and release.

Both rescues happened in the same spot, making it possible that the same bird was involved in both incidents! Because of this, ARL wanted to release the bird farther away from the area, choosing a section of the Mystic River in Everett.

The cormorant took to his new home quickly, and was grateful to be back on the open water.

A Vital Resource

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