Caregiver contacted ARL for assistance when overwhelmed

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is currently caring for 67 cats who were recently taken in after their caregiver requested assistance from ARL’s Field Services Department, due to having too many cats in their home to care for. ARL will finding homes for the these animals once they’re medically cleared.

Given the number of cats, ARL coordinated with the caregiver, located on the South Shore, to undergo the large operation to remove the animals from the home safely, and as stress-free as possible.

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Animal carriers were delivered to the home beforehand, and on the day the cats were removed, the caregiver helped tremendously – they were able to get the cats into a line with food and then simply placed them into the carriers.

This made the process quicker, and certainly helped limit the stress for both the animals and caretaker.

Fifty-six cats were initially surrendered and transported to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, where they received medical care – a portion of the cats were treated for upper respiratory infection, which is commonly found with a large number of animals living together in one space.

A week later, ARL’s Field Services returned to the home to take in the remaining cats, and in total, 67 cats came to ARL.

ARL did return one cat to the care giver under the Healthy Moms, Happy Litters (HMHL) program.

The HMHL program offers free spay/neuter services for the parent animal and returning the animal to the owner, while finding homes for the animal’s offspring.

The cats will be made available for adoption when medically cleared – over 30 of the animals have already been adopted.

A Phone Call Away

If you are overwhelmed and unable to properly care for animals in your home — you are not alone and ARL is here to help!

To see how ARL may be able to assist, contact ARL Field Services at (617) 426-9170 and press option “1”.