Latest overcrowding cat situation involved two dozen cats removed from home in Bristol County

This past week the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) took in two dozen animals from a cat overcrowding situation in Bristol County, and already in 2023 ARL has taken in more than 100 cats from these types of situations in our local communities – nearly twice as many as the same time period in 2022.

ARL is the only large animal welfare organization in Massachusetts with a dedicated community cat agent working within our local communities to help these animals directly where they live.

The cats currently in ARL’s care came from an individual that previously reached out to ARL for assistance through the organization’s Community Cat Program to support care for outdoor cats in the area as well as owner surrender for cats the individual had taken into their care.

After providing refuge and shelter for so many outdoor cats, the situation had become too overwhelming and assistance was required to ensure the cats were provided with proper care and the opportunity to find loving homes through ARL’s adoption services.

Once removed from the home, the cats were transported to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center where they continue to receive ongoing medical and behavioral care.

Cats living in overcrowding situations tend to have chronic medical issues due to a lack of proper care and sanitation, and because they are more used to interacting with other animals rather than people, tend to have behavioral challenges to overcome before being placed in a permanent home.

The majority of the cats are doing remarkably well and while many are available for adoption, others will need ongoing care, but should be ready to find their new homes soon.

Taking in such a large and sudden influx of animals is a daunting task, however, ARL has the experience and expertise to provide the care these animals need, and reminds the public that If you or someone you know is overwhelmed by having too many animals in their home, there is help available.

You can contact local animal control, or ARL’s Field Services Department for assistance.

ARL approaches every overcrowding situation with respect, compassion, and a staunch commitment to ensuring the health and safety of the animals involved, as well as their caretakers.