In late April, John, a 9-year-old cat, came to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center after his owner passed away.

While settling in to his new surroundings, John was clearly friendly, but he was also clearly in pain, as he was very nervous of his head being touched and would vocally express his discomfort. He also displayed signs of vision impairment.

John after surgery.

A medical exam revealed that John was suffering from ventral lid entropion – an uncommon condition where the eyelid curls inward, causing irritation to the eye.

The condition, which is typically genetic, is uncomfortable, painful and can impact vision over time.

Corrective surgery can be an option for entropion, however John’s case was severe, causing ulcerations to the eye, and the best approach to improve his quality of life was to remove his eyes.

Although still adjusting after the procedure, John is more comfortable, is no longer yowling from the pain, and more accepting of pets from ARL staff and volunteer.

Ready for a New Home

John is currently available for adoption and would do well as the only pet in a quiet, low-traffic home.

It will take him some time to learn to navigate without sight, however with the help of his new family he will adjust and settle in over time.

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