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An Update on Celeste

Back in April, you may remember our update about Celeste, one of the mini horses being care for by our Dedham staff. Celeste is now her forever home and is being treated like a princess (and she even likes to dress like one, too). Below is a photo of her in her royal best at the “Susan G Komen for a Cure – Ride for the Ribbon” on June 3.

Fifth Grade Class Makes a Generous Donation

On May 2, Dedham’s Assistant Shelter Manager Beth Finn and Shelter Agent Jess Reeves visited the Broad Meadow Elementary School in Needham, MA.

The 5th grade class, consisting of 114 students, had raised money for the League by having friends and family members sponsor them for reading. The students choose three organizations to divide the funds among; the Animal Rescue League of Boston, the Jimmy Fund and Clean Waters, an environmental charity.

This is the second year that the League has visited the school and we are still completely blown away by their generosity.  When the students presented Beth with their check, “My jaw dropped when I saw it,” she said. They presented the League with a check for over $3600. Beth and Jess provided a slideshow to inform the students about how their donations will benefit our organization and the critters we care for.

Thank you to the students of Broad Meadow Elementary School for all their support for the League’s animal care programs. Last year, they also made a generous donation toward our Dedham Animal Care and adoption Center renovation project, and we are so touched that they chose to support us again this year. Thank you for all you do for animals!

A Happy Ending for a Miniature Horse

Celeste, one of the miniature horses rescued by the League back in March, has found her forever home. Her new owner says that she is right at home with her new family. With her sweet and inquisitive nature, Celeste has warmed the hearts of not only her family, but her neighborhood as well.

Celeste is being treated like a princess with an open stall so she can see everything going on in the barn and an outdoor stall that allows her to be close to the other two horses on the farm. She whinnies whenever someone, two-footed or four-footed, approaches and loves meeting new people. In less than a week, Celeste has blossomed, walking with purpose and carrying herself proudly.

With help from supporters like you, the League was able to care for Celeste and give her a loving new home. Celeste’s owner says, “I tell everyone she is a beautiful example of the difference a little love can make.”

Meet Kaya

Kaya is a 3-year-old cat at our Dedham branch. She has been here since February and is still looking for her forever home.

Kaya is a special cat  – she is blind but gets around just fine because she is able to rely on her other senses.

She is a sweetheart who loves to be petted and spoken to. Will you help her find her forever home?

If you are interested in Kaya, call or stop by the Dedham Shelter today.

Hungry hungry horses

Here’s a photo of two of the mini-horses rescued from West Boylston earlier this month. The horses are doing great – some have already been adopted and the others are enjoying their re-feeding program. When they hear someone approach the paddock they get excited and rush over for their next meal. We’re glad to see them so happy.

Mini Horses Continuing to Thrive

One week ago, news broke that 34 miniature horses were rescued, with 14 going into the League’s care. Today the minis are recuperating at the Dedham shelter and undergoing constant observation.

Ashley Arseneau, livestock liaison at Dedham, spoke with Boston.com and gave them an update on our miniature companions. Check out the article here.

Hay There!

As our new miniature four-hoofed friends settle into the Dedham Shelter, bales of hay have been rolling in.

On Monday, the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation pooled together its resources and delivered 20 bales to Dedham’s door for our mini horses. McNamara Farm in Stoughton contributed to the first round of deliveries. Today, the Dedham shelter received 20 more bales from Lopes Dairy Farm in Taunton.

“When a situation like this presents itself, it’s Farm Bureau that gets called on to help out,” said Richard Bonanno, MFBF President.  “Farm Bureau works to support agriculture in the Commonwealth, but as our members have demonstrated, it’s not only farmers who reap the benefits.”

We would like to thank the MFBF, McNamara Farm and Lopesberry Farm for helping us care for these mini horses in their desperate time of need.

The League still needs your help caring for these horses. To continue revitalizing their spirits, please donate here.

Did you know about rabbits?

Did you know that rabbits make perfect household pets, especially for apartment dwellers?

You won’t have to rush home from work to let a rabbit out. They need some time outside of their cage every day but they require less attention than dogs or cats. Rabbits eat salad and hay, and love carrots as treats – in moderation.

Rabbits are curious and friendly by nature, will entertain you with their silly antics, and love to cuddle next to you on the sofa. They’re also quiet and clean – they can easily be trained to use a litterbox.

We have several rabbits available for adoption right now – two huge Angora rabbits, a very small dwarf Lop-ear, an adorable Netherland dwarf with tiny ears and several others. View our adoptable rabbits online, or come to one of our shelters to meet them, and maybe adopt one of these furry loves into your home.

281 Animals Adopted in January

Starting 2012 on a strong note, 281 animals were adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s shelters in Boston, Dedham and Brewster.

Among the January adoptions were 202 cats; 31 dogs; 11 birds (two doves and nine finches); 12 guinea pigs; 11 hamsters; seven rabbits; two degus; a ferret and a chinchilla.
Older dogs for whom the League’s Animal Care and Adoption areas found forever homes included: 12-year-old Obie (Labrador Retriever); 11–year-old Diva (Miniature Pinscher) and 9-year-old Cooper (Cocker Spaniel).

Among the older cats were three special 11-year-olds Angel, Fluffy and George – all adopted within one week (see http://home.arlboston.org/2012/01/23/in-praise-of-older-animals/); 10-year-old Jelly; 9-year-olds Diamond and Dr. Hazel (shown above with volunteer Amy Eisenman); and 8-year-olds Bandit, Little Dee, Stormy and Margo.

You can view a list of all available dogs here,  all available cats here and other animals here.