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Arli Needs Your Help

On a recent day off, the League’s Lt. Alan Borgal paused to listen to a voicemail message between yard work and errands. The message was from a concerned citizen calling about a weak, sickly-looking dog that was seen wandering near Arlington High School. Borgal immediately jumped into his car, picked up League staff member Debby Vogel, and went searching for the poor animal.

The female mixed-breed, now named “Arli’, was obviously hurting when they found her. Prolonged exposure to the elements made her fur sparse and skin raw. To make matters worse, she was completely covered in fleas and red ants.

Although timid, Arli was grateful for the food and water Alan and Debby provided. She is currently being treated for severe dermatitis as well as internal and external parasites at a local animal hospital. When she is well enough, she will move to the League’s Boston shelter to continue her recuperation under the care of our Shelter Medicine and Behavior teams.

We are happy to know that Arli will now get a chance at the life she deserves.

Please donate today to help cover the cost of Arli’s care and to support the important mission of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Breaking News: Dog Abandoned in Warehouse Saved Thanks to Animal Rescue League of Boston

***Breaking News***

A dog abandoned for several days in a vacant Leominster warehouse is safe today thanks to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Pit bull tied to pipe in warehouse.

The League’s law enforcement and rescue departments were called in by local authorities yesterday to help rescue a pitbull. The dog was found cowering in a far corner of the filthy warehouse, tethered by a short leash to a vertical pipe, leaving the dog without adequate room to move around.

The team worked swiftly to untie her and get her out. Once she was removed from the warehouse, she quickly warmed up to her rescuers. This sweet girl showed her gratitude by licking the faces of her rescuers. She is now safe and in good hands at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

To donate today and help support care for this abandoned pit bull and others like her please visit: www.arlboston.org/leominsterdog

We will keep you updated as more details on this story develops.

On her way to the Animal Rescue League of Boston and looking happy to be out of that terrible situation.

A Tremendous Thank You

The League cannot thank Jonathan Hall and Country Bank enough for supporting Rescue Services through the sale of the top-selling children’s book “Toto the Tornado Kitten.” Rescue received over $20,000 because of people like you who were eager to know Toto’s amazing story.

Toto was found by an emergency worker who heard him crying after being blown into a tree during the tornado that hit Brimfield, MA in June 2011. After spending two months recovering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Dedham shelter, Toto was brought “home” to Brimfield by Jonathan. To learn more about Toto, buy your own copy of “Toto the Tornado Kitten” today. 

Once again,  thank you to Jonathan and Country Bank for their generous donation.

An Update on Celeste

Back in April, you may remember our update about Celeste, one of the mini horses being care for by our Dedham staff. Celeste is now her forever home and is being treated like a princess (and she even likes to dress like one, too). Below is a photo of her in her royal best at the “Susan G Komen for a Cure – Ride for the Ribbon” on June 3.

An Exotic Adoption

About a month ago, the League’s Rescue team had quite a weekend rescuing a Chinese Golden Pheasant and a Florida King Snake.

The pheasant, now named Phil, has taken up residence at our Brewster shelter while he waits for his forever home. Pheasants are quieter birds, but Phil gets along with chickens rather well. Since Phil is considered an exotic species, his new owner will need to obtain a permit to care for him.

If you would like to learn more about Phil, click here or visit our Brewster shelter.

Kittens Abandoned in Closed Plastic Bag

Yesterday, Rescue Services responded to a call concerning kittens who were found zipped in a plastic retail bedding bag on a doorstep in Dorchester.

With the bag only being ten inches by twelve inches and three inches in width, five kittens were packed inside. The 3-week-old kittens seemed in good condition despite their stressful situation. They were taken to the League’s Boston shelter and examined by Dr. Martha Smith. After being checked out, Dr. Smith said, “They’re pretty sassy, so they should do well.”

The kittens were immediately put into foster homes and will remain there until they are 8 weeks old and able to be adopted.

Another Happy Tail

Two more miniature horses have found their forever homes. Percy and Lucille are settling in nicely with their new family.

Their new owner has been doting on them and giving them the loving care they need. For their first check up, Percy and Lucille’s new veterinarian found them to be wonderful patients and warmed up to them quite a bit.

Percy and Lucille are inseparable and their new owner is delighted to have them. We are so happy to know that they are flourishing in their new home.

A Happy Ending for a Miniature Horse

Celeste, one of the miniature horses rescued by the League back in March, has found her forever home. Her new owner says that she is right at home with her new family. With her sweet and inquisitive nature, Celeste has warmed the hearts of not only her family, but her neighborhood as well.

Celeste is being treated like a princess with an open stall so she can see everything going on in the barn and an outdoor stall that allows her to be close to the other two horses on the farm. She whinnies whenever someone, two-footed or four-footed, approaches and loves meeting new people. In less than a week, Celeste has blossomed, walking with purpose and carrying herself proudly.

With help from supporters like you, the League was able to care for Celeste and give her a loving new home. Celeste’s owner says, “I tell everyone she is a beautiful example of the difference a little love can make.”