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Kittens Abandoned in Closed Plastic Bag

Yesterday, Rescue Services responded to a call concerning kittens who were found zipped in a plastic retail bedding bag on a doorstep in Dorchester.

With the bag only being ten inches by twelve inches and three inches in width, five kittens were packed inside. The 3-week-old kittens seemed in good condition despite their stressful situation. They were taken to the League’s Boston shelter and examined by Dr. Martha Smith. After being checked out, Dr. Smith said, “They’re pretty sassy, so they should do well.”

The kittens were immediately put into foster homes and will remain there until they are 8 weeks old and able to be adopted.

Another Happy Tail

Two more miniature horses have found their forever homes. Percy and Lucille are settling in nicely with their new family.

Their new owner has been doting on them and giving them the loving care they need. For their first check up, Percy and Lucille’s new veterinarian found them to be wonderful patients and warmed up to them quite a bit.

Percy and Lucille are inseparable and their new owner is delighted to have them. We are so happy to know that they are flourishing in their new home.

A Happy Ending for a Miniature Horse

Celeste, one of the miniature horses rescued by the League back in March, has found her forever home. Her new owner says that she is right at home with her new family. With her sweet and inquisitive nature, Celeste has warmed the hearts of not only her family, but her neighborhood as well.

Celeste is being treated like a princess with an open stall so she can see everything going on in the barn and an outdoor stall that allows her to be close to the other two horses on the farm. She whinnies whenever someone, two-footed or four-footed, approaches and loves meeting new people. In less than a week, Celeste has blossomed, walking with purpose and carrying herself proudly.

With help from supporters like you, the League was able to care for Celeste and give her a loving new home. Celeste’s owner says, “I tell everyone she is a beautiful example of the difference a little love can make.”

Never a Dull Moment

The Rescue Services Team had quite an exotic weekend as they rescued a Chinese Golden Pheasant and a Florida King Snake.

Early Saturday morning, Senior Rescue Technician, Danielle Genter, went out on a call to Everett. Police had phoned in a sighting of what appeared to be a three-and-a-half-foot snake slithering through a neighborhood. Danielle safely captured the Florida King Snake and took it to the New England Reptile & Raptor Exhibit in Taunton.

Later that day, after receiving calls from local residents who had sighted a Chinese Golden Pheasant, Brian O’Connor, Manager of Rescue Services, was dispatched to Braintree, MA. O’Connor was able to track down the bird and humanely capture it. The pheasant was taken to the League’s Dedham shelter.

The Rescue Team had their hands full this weekend. It just goes to show there is never a dull moment at the League!

A Kitten Becomes a Star

Toto the Tornado Kitten stopped by Fox 25 this morning with Jonathan Hall and the League’s Rescue Technician, Brian O’Connor.

Almost a year after the tornado hit Brimfield, MA, Toto is doing wonderfully and happy in his new home. Check out the new little celebrity in Massachusetts here.


Lost Dog – Solomon

Lost Dog “Solomon” Last Seen in Canton/Stoughton, Mass. Area

April 17 Update: Solomon was last seen on Overlook Road in Stoughton on Friday, April 13. If you see him, please don’t approach him (he is shy and will likely run away) and call Granite State Dog Recovery at (657) 777-2752 or the League’s Rescue Services team at (617) 226-5620.

Please help Solomon’s owners locate him – he was last seen on Neponsett Street in Canton, Mass. on March 10. He is white with black “cow-like” markings and upright ears. Solomon is shy, so we ask that you do not approach him because he is likely to run away. If you see him, please call Granite State Dog Recovery at (657) 777-2752 or the League’s Rescue Services Team at (617) 226-5620.

A Message From Queen Fluffy

On April 4, Rescue received a call about a cat stuck in the floorboards. The cat, Fluffy, became frightened when some realtors came through the house and got itself into a small hole in the floorboards of the 2nd story, where the pipes went in. Rescue technicians, Brian O’Connor and Mike Brammer, had to open a small hole in the laundry room ceiling (on the 1st floor) to see where Fluffy could get to. This could only take place after the Saugus Fire Dept. came and disconnected the gas dryer.  It was a bit of a maze but Rescue narrowed down where she could have been and then enlarged an existing opening in a 2nd floor closet. Utilizing a camera phone with flash, and also a flashlight and mirror, Brian and Mike spotted the cat. The problem was that it was 15 feet away and in between the ceiling/floor joists. They enlarged the opening a little more and baited it with tuna and the cat was able to free itself later that evening.

Queen Fluffy was so grateful, she named April 4th Brian and Mike Day in honor of her rescuers.

Abandoned Kittens Rescued in Dorchester

Tuesday, the League’s rescue team received a call about one-month old kittens left in a box on the caller’s porch.

The mother of the litter was nowhere to be found. Danielle Genter Moore, Senior Rescue Technician, said that calls about abandoned cats have been becoming more frequent. When this litter of three was found, they were dirty and frightened. The League has cleaned them up and given them a warm place to sleep.

The kittens will be in foster care for approximately one month until they will be adopted into their forever homes. Click here to watch WHDH-TV’s coverage on our new, tiny four-footed friends

Toto the Tornado Kitten

When a tornado hit Brimfield, MA back in June, the area was devastated. Volunteers banded together to help clean the area up. A tree worker was clearing debris when he came across the tiniest survivor of the storm, a 2-week old kitten.

Thought to be swept up by the wind into the tree, the kitten was taken to the emergency operations center and was in need of immediate care. Luckily, the League’s Rescue Team was already there aiding in efforts to help other animals. We assumed care of the kitten until he was healthy enough for adoption. Two months later, Jonathan Hall, a volunteer paramedic during the tornado, came to adopt the kitten now named Toto.

Toto’s whirlwind adventure has now been turned into a children’s book (see photo with the real-life Toto, now fully grown) by Jonathan. All proceeds will benefit the League, so purchase your copy here today.