This past August, Sigma, a six-year-old male cat, was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center as an emaciated stray, by a resident who was concerned for the cat’s well-being.

Sigma’s finder believed he had been owned and then abandoned by a former neighbor and had kept an eye on him over the past year and feeding him from time to time as well.

Sigma, while friendly, was in rough shape.

He weighed just 6 pounds, and as a comparison, when he was adopted from ARL in 2017 as a kitten, he went home weighing 9 pounds. Along with being extremely emaciated, he was also dehydrated, and unable to stand or walk on his own.

Additionally, his right eye was foggy and he was also tremoring, a sign of possible neurological deficits.

Making Strides

Sigma, a former emaciated stray, transformed after several weeks on a refeeding plan.

ARL’s shelter medicine team quickly went to work, running diagnostic tests and placing Sigma on a refeeding plan to ensure he would put on weight safely and slowly.

The lameness in his hind limbs was due to severe muscle wasting, a likely byproduct of being abandoned and inability to find a sustainable food source. Thankfully, Sigma began to strengthen as he started putting on weight, and was soon able to display vastly improved mobility.

Sigma needed some time to recover, and was placed into a foster home, where he thrived!

Many former strays can be scared of new people and surroundings, however, Sigma was the complete opposite. He loved being around his foster family, especially a young child in the home.

Going Home

After several weeks in foster care, Sigma had put back on the weight that he had lost, and was healthy, happy, and strong.

About one month after arriving at ARL, Sigma was made available for adoption, and almost immediately found his perfect family, and is thriving in his new home.

A black cat laying on a cat scratch pad

“Sigma loves to explore our home room by room. He enjoys playing with his new toys and napping! He has a great appetite and lots of energy.” Deng L., Sigma’s adopter

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