Don Juan and Mott may have come from different places and have different personalities, but these two former stray cats found the perfect gift for the holidays – a new home together.

Three-year-old Don Juan came to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center in late July as a stray from Lynn, MA, and right off the bat his infectious, attention-seeking personality won over staff and volunteers alike.

Because a wound of unknown origin was discovered during Don Juan’s initial medical exam, he was slated to spend the next four months on quarantine – per state regulations.

Three-year-old Mott also came to ARL in late July. He was found as a stray in Fall River, MA, and initially his personality was the complete opposite of Don Juan.

Mott was closed off and scared initially, but would soon warm up; and because he too had a wound of unknown origin, he, like Don Juan, would be spending the next four months with ARL under quarantine.

While in a cat holding area at ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, the pair were often vocal and desperately seeking attention from anyone who would walk by.

Volunteers and staff would let the cats stretch their legs, letting them out of their kennels one at a time to explore the holding area, but because the two seemed interested in each other’s company, these out-of-kennel experiences soon turned into play dates.

It was clear these two Tom cats enjoyed one another’s company and because they were going to be with ARL for an extended period of time, the two were moved into a “real-life” room where they would have more space to stretch out and be more comfortable during their quarantine period.

Once these two were in the same space, their bond was forged.

During the next few months the dynamic duo would seek attention from anyone who walked by and were frequently observed napping together and grooming one another – in short, they were a perfect match!

Going Home

In early December their quarantine period came to an end and it was time for them to find a home.

Because they have such a strong bond, it was decided that they needed to stay together.

It didn’t take long for the former strays to find their perfect match and Don Juan and Mott are now gearing up to spend their first holiday in their new home together and they couldn’t be more excited!

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