ARL president Mary Nee joins other to push for House Bill 3930

Yesterday, more than 150 animal advocates and members of The Citizens for Farm Animal Protection Coalition gathered inside of the Massachusetts State House to attend a legislative hearing for House Bill 3930.

house bill 3930

More than 150 animal advocates and members of The Citizens for Farm Animal Protection Coalition gathered  inside the Massachusetts State House.

The bill would ensure that egg-laying hens, breeding pigs, and veal calves in Massachusetts would have enough room to turn around, lay down, and stretch their limbs. It would also ensure that shell eggs, and whole, uncooked cuts of pork and veal sold in our state are compliant with these modest standards.

At the February 11 hearing, ARL president Mary Nee joined other in voicing their support for HB 3930 in front of state officials and the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture.

In her testimony, Mary urged committee members to take up the legislation because, “No animal should spend their entire life in distress without the basic freedoms to stand up, sit down and turn around.”

The Committee has until early May to make a decision on legislation.  We will provide updates to our supporters on the decision as we receive them!


Contact legislators on the committee and urge them to take action on House Bill 3930.