Providing Comfort and Care in the Last Stage of Life

When Boston Animal Control recently brought Pablo to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center, his prognosis seemed bleak. A large growth on the hamster’s back was likely cancerous, and because it was so ulcerated, there was a high likelihood of infection and chronic pain.

ARL is an unwavering champion for animals in need, despite their size or species. Wanting to give Pablo a chance to be pain-free and enjoy a loving home for the remainder of his days, ARL shelter veterinarians decided that surgery was the only option to achieve this goal. It would also be the first surgery performed on a hamster in Dedham.

The mass was removed and Pablo has recovered well. ARL staff monitored him closely after surgery, spoiling him with a variety of treats including bananas and bell peppers; and while Pablo’s long-term outcome is unknown, his quality of life has vastly improved.

“We do not know how much time he has left now that he has had the surgery,” said Dr. Kate Gollon, ARL Community and Shelter Veterinarian. “But it was a wonderful opportunity to give Pablo some quality time for him to be pain-free and happy.”

Hospice Adoption

While hospice animals have medical concerns and are in most cases terminal – they still do have a quality of life and deserve to live out the remainder of their lives in comfort and surrounded by love.

When Pablo was made available for adoption, he did find a home quickly, and for these types of special adoptions, it takes a special person to make the situation work for them and for the animal.

“People who commit to a hospice adoption understand that while they may not have a lot of time with that animal, they can feel good about giving them love and support during the time they have left,” said Debby Chaplic, ARL’s Associate Director of Volunteer Engagement. “Adopters who are willing to open up their home and hearts to hospice animals are truly champions.”

Finding the Perfect Match

ARL is committed to matching adoptable animals with a permanent home. Our conversation-based, application-free adoption process is designed so that the needs of both the animal and the adopter are understood and compatible with one another. Visit our Boston, Dedham, or Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Centers today to start the conversation and to find your perfect companion!