This past week a person walking through Franklin Park in Boston noticed two animals that looked out of place, and out of concern contacted the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Field Services Department for assistance.

Two stray chickens safely secured!

ARL Field Services agents responded to the scene near White Stadium on the backside of the Franklin Park Zoo, where the person had spotted a rooster and hen hanging around a wooded area.

The animals were likely abandoned in the area, as ARL’s Field Services agents noticed a large pile of chicken feed in the woods that the rooster and hen were nibbling on when approached.

Chickens of course can be elusive and difficult to catch (ever see Rocky?), however this adorable pair was anything but.

One agent entered the wooded area, causing the chickens to scurry into the open, allowing the other agent to catch one of the animals in a net.

The second chicken, clearly devoted to his pal, trotted after his friend and was able to be gently scooped up by hand.

The incredibly friendly animals are currently in foster care during their seven-day stray wait period, and following a thorough veterinary exam will be available for adoption!

Looking to Adopt a Chicken?

While the aforementioned chickens will likely be available for adoption soon, ARL’s Dedham and Brewster locations currently have a number of chickens looking for permanent homes.

Chickens are energetic, inquisitive and can make wonderful companions – however there are some things to keep in mind before adopting.

First and foremost, be sure to check your local regulations regarding keeping backyard chickens, including whether or not they’re allowed.

Chickens will need proper space to roam around and adequate shelter, including protection from predators, vaccinations, and ongoing veterinary care.

Also keep other pets in mind. If you have a dog with a high prey drive, then keeping chickens on the property would not be a good idea.

If you’re ready to adopt, ARL is here to help! An animal care associate will walk you through any questions and concerns to ensure that you and your new chicken are set up for success and years of companionship!