Burned cat suffered second/third-degree burns covering more than 50 percent of body

We first introduced Era in December, a severely burned cat who was facing a long road to recovery, and her ongoing journey to heal continues at the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL).

The cat suffered burns covering over half her body, and has endured months of painful and invasive treatments to promote healing — and her progress has been amazing.

a gray and white cat wearing a veterinary cone

a gray and white cat lying down wearing a veterinary cone

Era was found in a work shed in Oxford, MA, in November, and once the extent of her injuries was realized, Oxford Animal Control contacted ARL for assistance and the cat was transported to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center for treatment.

ARL’s veterinary team assessed that second and third-degree burns were covering over half her body, and treatment has consisted of pain management and twice-weekly wound debridement to remove dead skin and exposing the new skin underneath to promote healing.

Initially it was unknown whether Era would be able to overcome her injuries, however, she is incredibly resilient and has responded very well to treatment, and will indeed get the second chance at life that she deserves.

It is still unknown what caused the burns and whether it was an intentional act, but ARL’s primary focus has been saving the animal’s life and preparing her for the next chapter in her life.

Era’s path to recovery is nearly complete, but with her healing at about 80 percent, she still has a way to go before going home.

How You Can Help

Era’s cost of care has exceeded $20,000, and ARL is asking the public for their continued support in helping Era and animals like her.

The cost of her care is roughly $1,000-1,500 per week and it is likely she’ll have to undergo at least another month of treatment before being adopted.

Anyone interested in supporting Era and animals like her can visit arlboston.org/donate.