This past week, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) found a home for a friendly stray cat, who had likely been hit by a car and needed emergency treatment.

The two-year-old cat, named Baby, was reported to ARL by a Good Samaritan in Boston’s South End who discovered the cat and realized she needed help.

An ARL Law Enforcement Department senior investigator rushed to pick up the cat and transport her back to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center for emergency care.

Upon arrival, Baby’s face was bloodied and displayed lameness in her front limbs and also suffered some facial bruising.

X-Rays also revealed a pneumothorax, a condition where air escapes the lungs and becomes trapped in the chest cavity – this can be a common injury following being hit by a car.

ARL’s shelter medicine team performed a procedure to remove the trapped air, making Baby comfortable, and over a period of about a week continued to recheck her and chart her progress.

In order to have a quiet place to heal, Baby was placed into foster care and as she recovered, she showed to be extremely affectionate and sweet and recovered from her ordeal quickly.

Baby was so affectionate, that her foster family decided to adopt her, and she is acclimating to her new home very well!

Here for Emergency Care

ARL wants to thank the Good Samaritan who showed extreme compassion in realizing that Baby was in trouble, and for contacting ARL for help.

If Baby had not received emergency treatment, the pneumothorax would likely have worsened and she may not have made it on her own.

ARL reminds the public that if you come across an animal like Baby in distress, to contact ARL’s Field Services Department at 617-426-9170 (press option 1) immediately, as every second counts in an emergency situation!