Unsanitary conditions led to varying medical needs for dogs

Six Pitbull-type dogs that were recently removed from a Malden home due to unsanitary conditions will soon be looking for new homes, this after the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) first removed the dogs, and then provided treatment for various medical needs.

Local news coverage.

ARL worked with Malden Animal Control to remove the dogs, then transferred the animals to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center where they immediately received thorough veterinary exams.

Upon arrival at ARL, several of the dogs were thin and borderline emaciated, one of the dogs required surgery for pyometra (a uterine infection that if left untreated could be life-threatening), and the majority of the animals had signs of living in unsanitary conditions including pressure sores, poor dental hygiene, and skin issues.

All of the dogs have been treated for their medical needs, and since being in the care of ARL have showcased their infectious personalities — they are incredibly friendly and will make great pets.

ARL hopes to find homes for these animals sooner rather than later to allow the organization to free up precious kennel space and increase ARL’s ability to take in more animals in need.