The Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund recently provided a six-month-old puppy with two essential surgeries, which began as a collaboration between two of the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) veterinary programs.

An Emergency Referral

Nina, then a three-month-old puppy, came to ARL’s Wellness Waggin’ in late February because she was limping after jumping off of her family’s bed.

Fearing a fracture, the Wellness Waggin’ staff referred Nina’s owners to Boston Veterinary Care (BVC) – ARL’s clinic with a mission, to receive x-rays.

X-rays revealed a mild avulsion fracture, and during the visit an umbilical hernia was also detected.

Due to the mild nature of the fracture, BVC’s medical staff opted for pain management, rest, and limited activity to heal the fracture – the umbilical hernia did need to be repaired surgically, and Nina was also in need of a spay.

Veterinary care can of course be expensive, however, Nina’s family qualified for the Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund, which would cover the costs of the x-rays, exam, and for Nina’s surgical needs as well.

Receiving Care

In early May, Nina returned to BVC for a recheck of her leg, and to undergo surgery.

The fracture had healed, and with the successful surgeries completed, Nina is now healthy, happy, and ready to get back to being a puppy!

“This is such a blessing, we can’t thank everyone enough,” said Nina’s family. “Nina means so much to us and having her healthy is the most important thing.”

“This was a tremendous collaboration between the Wellness Waggin’ and Boston Veterinary Care,” stated ARL Director of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Nicole Breda. “By referring Nina to BVC, not only were we able to get this puppy healthy, but the Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund removed the financial burden for these procedures, helping to keep Nina in her home where she belongs with those who love her.”

The Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund, established by longtime ARL supporter and former Board member Jane Whitney Marshall, ensures that financial barriers do not prevent owners from providing vital veterinary care for their pets in treatable medical emergencies.

How You Can Double Your Impact!

The pandemic is straining our limited resources, and our neighbors are feeling the same financial pressures.

There is a critical lack of affordable veterinary care options, and many individuals or families are faced with heartbreaking decisions regarding their beloved animals.

At the same time, the shelter animal population in our region is changing and we are seeing more complex medical issues that require advanced diagnostics, special surgeries, medication, and recovery time.

Your support helps ARL solve these pressing challenges, and with your support today, your gift can go twice as far!

From now through June 15, your gift to provide medical care to a shelter animal will be MACTHED, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, to provide care to an owned animal through the Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund.

Even in these challenging circumstances, your generosity can do TWICE as much good by helping a shelter animal AND a beloved pet. Make a gift today!