The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) recently took in more than three dozen cats from a residence in Eastern Massachusetts, while working with the caregiver to be able to keep a more manageable number of animals in the home.

Concerned friends of the caregiver reached out to ARL’s Field Services for assistance, and with any situation involving a large number of animals, the concern for ARL is not only for the animals involved, but for the caregiver as well.

With that many animals in the home, daily care can become overwhelming.

The cats were signed over to ARL and were transported to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, where they received thorough veterinary exams, were vaccinated, and spayed and neutered.

Additionally, more than half the cats required extensive dental procedures to keep them healthy and happy.

Cats from these types of situations do have the tendency to be nervous around new people, and ARL’s behavioral team worked extensively with these animals to not only assess their behavior, but worked to socialize and get these cats ready for new homes.

While the bulk of the animals have found new homes, several do remain with ARL for behavioral reasons, however it is expected that by the time the calendar turns to fall, all cats involved in this situation will have found their new homes.

Reach Out for Assistance

ARL encourages anyone who may be overwhelmed or who may know someone who may be overwhelmed, to reach out for assistance.

ARL is a resource, and will work with diligence and respect to resolve any issues a caregiver may be having.

While the bulk of the animals in this situation were removed from the home, ARL is pleased that the caregiver was able to keep a small number of cats and will remain available in the future for any concerns or issues.

For more information about ARL’s Field Services Department, including contact information, click here!