Alexandria seized from Middleboro Breeding Facility in September 2019

The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is excited to announce that the last animal remaining in ARL’s care from a September 2019 law enforcement case is finally ready to find her forever home.

Alexandria, a three-year-old Cane Corso, was one of 24 animals (20 dogs) seized from a Middleboro, MA, breeding facility in September 2019, who were found living in poorly ventilated, unsanitary, and dangerous conditions.

Click here for local media coverage of Alexandria’s story!

The owner of the property was charged with five felony counts of animal cruelty, as well as 23 misdemeanor charges of neglect. The case remains in the Plymouth County judicial system.

All of the dogs from this ongoing law enforcement case have been adopted and enjoying their new lives, however Alexandria has taken longer to become ready to find her new home.

The majority of the animals were traumatized by their former living situation, compounded by limited outdoor access and socialization. Sadly for Alexandria, her level of traumatization was extreme, and caused her to become quite fearful of everything around her.

Alexandria, like her kennel mates, spent the majority of their time in cages, so in her reality, everything beyond the kennel door was unfamiliar and scary.

Her situation required months of encouragement, support, and help from ARL staff, and over the past year Alexandria has made tremendous strides.

While she would not come out of her kennel for her first months at ARL, Alexandria now enjoys being outdoors and loves playing with other dogs and is even more eager to approach a new person.

Ready to Go Home

ARL is thrilled that Alexandria is ready to find her new home, however she will still require multiple meets with her potential adopters to ensure she is comfortable.

ARL’s behavioral staff will also be providing post-adopt behavior/training support to make sure she settles into her new surroundings.

Please note that all animal adoptions at ARL are currently by appointment only and for more information on the adoption process click here.

You Make These Outcomes Possible

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