“Ant” needed extensive medical treatment

In May, while many of us were working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Field Services Department remained busy on the front lines providing a number of services, including the rescue of a two-year-old stray cat in Middleboro that had been severely injured by barbed wire.

Ant had been spotted in a quiet neighborhood, and when ARL arrived on-scene, it was clear that the cat was in a tremendous amount of pain.

He had suffered severe lacerations which were clearly infected, and he needed medical attention immediately. Ant was transported to ARL’s Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center for treatment.

Unfortunately the injury to his left hind limb was beyond repair, and needed to be amputated.

Following his surgery by ARL’s shelter medicine staff, Ant was required to go into a state-mandated, four-month quarantine for a wound of unknown origin.

Given he was a stray, Ant showed signs of anxiety around people, and needed plenty of socialization during his recovery and quarantine period.

While Ant was initially hiding and tense, shelter staff and volunteers began spending time with Ant, approaching slowly, and using purr machines, soft music and even reading aloud to get him to relax.

Over time Ant’s body language improved, he was hiding less and was even allowing brushing, full-body pets, and chin scratches!

Finding a Forever Home

Ant’s tremendous progress over a four-month period made him an easy decision for his adopter, who fell in love at first sight!

Ant is settling in to his new home well and is sure to give plenty of love and purrs for years to come.

You Make These Outcomes Possible

While it is difficult to predict the on-going impacts of this global crisis, one thing remains constant – animals in our communities are still in need.

And with a great need for these ongoing and expanding community services, Champions Circle members are there to answer the call for help.

Thanks to you, Ant was able to not only be rescued from the streets, but received the extensive medical care he needed in order to have a second chance.

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During unprecedented times like these when fundraising events have been cancelled or modified, monthly gifts are crucial to providing life-saving care and assistance to animals when they need it most.

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