Abandoned dog with 13-pound tumor found tied to pole in park

The Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Law Enforcement Department is assisting Malden Police and Animal Control in a case of an abandoned dog, where the animal required immediate medical attention, but is thankfully on the road to recovery.

The 5-to-7-year-old Mastiff, now named Big Momma, was found tied to a pole in Trafton Park on a cold and wet night in mid-December 2023.

She was found by a Good Samaritan who discovered the animal after hearing whimpering, then brought the scared, cold, and hungry dog to the Malden Police Department.

Big Momma had a very large mass on her underbelly, and Malden Animal Control Officer Kevin Alkins took steps to get the dog immediate veterinary care at the Blue Pearl Vet Hospital in Charlestown.

The 13-pound tumor was removed and testing revealed the mass to be benign.

Big Momma then went into the care of Bill Bowdridge, owner of Big Daddy Doggie Daycare in Malden, to begin her recovery process.

This is being considered a case of animal neglect and abandonment, and ARL Law Enforcement and Malden Police are asking anyone with information on where this dog may have come from to come forward.

The public can contact ARL Law Enforcement by calling (617) 426-9170 x110 or emailing cruelty@arlboston.org, or Malden Police at (781) 397-7171 with any pertinent information regarding this case.

Abandonment Never an Option

ARL understands that an animal with a medical condition may be a frightening or costly situation, however, the organization reminds the public that abandoning an animal is never an option.

When an animal is left to fend for themselves, they become vulnerable to many dangers that may result in illness, injury or even death.

There are resources available to pet owners, and ARL recommends pet owners to reach out to their local animal control or animal welfare organization to see what assistance or options are available.