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Update: Stitch Continues to Receive Intensive Care

ARL and the Dedham Police Department’s Animal Control Division thank public for support

HAVE TIPS AND INFORMATION? Contact Dedham Animal Control at (781) 751-9106.

Stitch, the dog abandoned in the cold earlier this week in Dedham, Massachusetts, continues to receive intensive care from the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL).

Dedham animal control officer Jayson Tracy discovered the extremely emaciated dog and immediately contacted the ARL for help.

“Stitch is getting extensive medical assistance,” explains Dr. Erin Doyle, the ARL’s lead veterinarian for shelter veterinary services. “He’s still very weak and we are monitoring his condition very closely.”

The ARL also continues to assist the Dedham Police Department’s Animal Control Division in following-up on information provided by the public.

Stitch is a dilute brindle pit-bull-type dog that had no collar on when he was found near the Bridge Street area of Dedham.  He is approximately 2 years of age.

We urge anyone with information about him to please contact Dedham animal control at (781) 751-9106.


Sadly, thousands of animals just like Stitch will suffer from abuse and neglect every year in Massachusetts. We all have a role to play in prevention and encourage urge the public to contact their local animal control officers anytime they suspect animal cruelty.

On behalf of everyone at the ARL, THANK YOU for the outpouring of support and information about Stitch.

DO YOU RECOGNIZE STITCH?  Please contact Dedham Animal Control at (781) 751-9106.

dedham dog

Cold Weather Warning: Bring Your Pets Indoors

The ARL asks pet owners to please bring their animals inside, when possible

Our local weathermen issued a cold weather warning: bundle up this week!

A wave of frigid air hit New England, causing temperatures to plummet 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit below normal around The Greater Boston Area. Overnight temps are expected to drop into the teens and single digits in some of the northern and western suburbs.

Just as you’ll protect yourself with a warm coat, hat, and gloves when you head outdoors, your pets will need the extra protection too! Though they may have furry coats, animals are by no means immune to dangerously cold temperatures. Even rabbits, cats, and dogs that typically live outdoors need extra assistance keeping warm as temperatures drop to alarming lows.

5 steps to keep animals safe during this cold weather warning:

  1. If possible, bring pets or feral cats that you’re familiar with indoors to a garage or basement.
    cold weather warning

    Keep community cats safe this winter by building your own DYI cat shelter in your yard. Click the photo for a basic how-to video.

  2. Bundle up your pup in a jacket or sweater during their walk, especially if their coat is made of hair (vs. fur)
  3. Before you start your engine, look under and pound on your vehicle’s hood to wake a napping cat trying to keep warm.
  4. Never leave your pet alone inside your vehicle, which won’t stay warm for long after your engine has turned off.
  5. If your pet MUST remain outdoors, make sure that are in a winter-friendly shelter that has the following components: three-sided enclosure, stands off the ground, contains generous amounts of bedding, and plenty of (un-frozen!) drinking water.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. If you’re concerned about a neighborhood animal outdoors in the cold this week, be sure to contact your local animal control office or authorities.

For more information about winter pet healthy and safety, visit arlboston.org/winter-pet-health.

Top 7 ARL Animal Rescues of 2015

ARL’s rescue services team celebrates their favorite happy tail moments from this year – all made possible thanks to supporters like you! DONATE NOW

DID YOU KNOW… that the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is the only animal welfare organization in Massachusetts that has a technically-trained team dedicated to rescuing animals from a variety of emergency situations?

So far in 2015, ARL’s rescue services team has assisted 1,788 domesticated animals and wildlife that were trapped, displaced, injured or otherwise distressed. Click here to watch ARL’s rescue services team in action, as seen on Boston.com

The team is only there to answer the call for help because of donors like you!

THE CLOCK IS TICKING… and we still need to raise just over $592,000 by MIDNIGHT ON DECEMBER 31 to keep this important work going!

The ARL counts down our top 7 animal rescues from 2015:

ARL's rescue services team#7 – Canton deer pushed to safety

In March, a deer in Canton, MA went for a dip in a neighbor’s in-ground pool. Unfortunately for him, the concrete pool was empty and too deep for him to climb out of on his own.

Cue ARL’s resourceful rescue services team and facilities director who constructed a special ramp that allowed them to push the deer out of the pool uninjured!


ARL's rescue services team#6 – It’s all upstream for the Gloucester Beaver Family

In May, three beavers were found stuck in a dry spillway off Dikes Pond in Gloucester, MA. The walls of the spillway were anywhere from 5 to 8 feet high, which was just too steep of an incline for the beavers to scale safely.

Three members of ARL’s rescue services team armed with catch poles and large nets successfully captured the beaver family. They then carried them a quarter of a mile downstream to release them in Lily Pond unharmed!


ARL's rescue services team#5 – Lancaster goats are on the run no more

In January, the ARL was called in to capture a pair of goats that had been wandering along busy Route 190 between Sterling and Lancaster, MA. The two goats had reportedly been on the loose for up to 6 months and had become somewhat feral.

Thanks to their specially designed ungulate trap, ARL’s rescue services team was able to carefully capture both goats in the same trap. The duo was transported to ARL’s Dedham shelter where they were eventually adopted!


ARL's rescue services team#4 – Lowell goat finds shelter before the big snowstorm

In January, an elusive goat wandering around the greater Lowell, MA area for over a month had a fortunate intervention. The “Lowell goat”, as he became known, had been spotted trekking through the snow and was inching dangerously closer and closer to I-495.

With the hope of bringing the shaggy two-horned rambler to safety before an impending major snowstorm, ARL’s rescue services team set up a humane trap. They were in luck! The goat was transported to ARL’s Dedham shelter barn for proper food, water, and rest in a fresh bed of straw. After regaining his strength, he was transferred to a sanctuary in Central Massachusetts and given the name Braveheart. Click here to read the full rescue story.


ARL's rescue services team#3 – Boxer escapes an icy situation in West Roxbury

In March, a happy-go-lucky family dog was overcome with spring fever and decided to wade into a stream along the outskirts of Millennium Park in West Roxbury, MA. Deciding the water was a bit too chilly for his liking, the Boxer turned back for shore, only to find an icy shelf blocking his path.

Working alongside the dog’s caregiver, Boston Park Rangers, and the Boston Police, ARL’s rescue services team extended a catch-pole across the narrow stream to grab hold of the dog and pull him back onto solid ground. The Boxer received a warm welcome- and towel rub down- the minute his paws touched land. Click here to read the full rescue story.


ARL's rescue services team#2 – It was all net gains for dog in Norfolk

In June, timid pup Faith had her wish come true and found her forever home! Within only 2 short hours at her new house in Norfolk, MA, however, she was spooked by gun shots fired at a nearby range and ran off with her leash dragging behind her. Faith’s new family was absolutely devastated.

Fortunately, Faith stuck close to the neighborhood for the next 7 weeks and after other attempts to bring her home had failed, the dog’s family called ARL’s rescue services team. A humane drop net was set and the lucky dog was caught and returned to her owners the very next day! Since then Faith has become a social butterfly who loves frolicking along the beach and is inseparable from her canine brother. Click here to read the full rescue story.


ARL's rescue services team#1 – One lucky duck rescued from Gloucester Harbor

In February, a duck swimming in icy water found himself in a tangled mess. The brown and white aquatic bird was paddling through the harbor in Gloucester, MA when his feathers and feet suddenly became entangled in netting that had been floating nearby.

Dressed in head-to-toe ice suits, the ARL’s rescue services team carefully swam between small ice flows to reach the Eider who was almost 300-feet off-shore! The team successfully pulled the duck onto dry land, slowly but surely untangled his feathers from each piece of netting, and set him free!

It’s not too late to… DONATE NOW

The ARL doesn’t receive government or public funding to provide rescue services to animals in distress. Make a donation today to ensure domestic animals and wildlife get assistance when they need it most!

Visit arlboston.kintera.org/donate or click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston!


FUN FACT: ARL’s rescue services team helped bring 104 cats stuck in trees to safety so far in 2015!

The Clock is Ticking…Donate to Help Animals NOW!

For the next 12 hours, generous donor will match $12k of your donations

There are just 10 DAYS left to make a difference for animals in need in 2015.

Now’s the time to make a donation…

Moved by the compassionate care and chance at a better  life the ARL gave his rescue pets, the chairman of the ARL’s Board of Directors Malcolm McDonald will match up to $12,000 in donations to the ARL for the next 12 hours,TODAY ONLY.

Every day, Malcolm personally witnesses how critical the ARL’s important work is to animals in our community. He sees the impact not only as the chairman of the board, but also as a proud pet parent:

Over the years, Millie and Henry have become the best of friends.

Over the years, Millie and Henry became the best of friends.

All of my pets were saved from very difficult circumstances by the ARL…

My family’s cat Millie’s owner passed away, and she was surrendered multiple times for being too timid.

Our cat Henry was abandoned in a boarded up home after his owner had passed.

Our cat Max was a ward of the court after the Boston Police Department and the ARL’s law enforcement team saved him from an abusive home.

Our newest addition, Hazel, a Shar Pei mix, came from a hoarding situation.”

Large or small, your donation TODAY will make an even BIGGER difference for animals in need…

Recently adopted Hazel now has a home to call her own and a kitty brother named Max!

Recently adopted Hazel now has a home to call her own and a kitty brother named Max!

At the ARL, a love for animals inspires us to do more.

Whether you’re talking about our incredible volunteers, dedicated staff members, our dear friend and Board chair Malcolm, or generous supporters like you, everyone is committed to going the extra mile to give animals in need a chance at a better life.


The clock is ticking and the ARL still needs to raise $787,300 before the end of the year!

The ARL receives no government or public funding and relies entirely on the support of people like you to provide assistance when and where animals need help most.

If you love and care about animals, or if the ARL has made an impact on the special pets in your life, show  your support by making a donation today!

Visit arlboston.kintera.org/clockticking or click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston!


A WARM AND FUZZY THANK YOU to Malcolm McDonald, chairman of the ARL’s Board of Directors, and to everyone who has already donated to the ARL in 2015 to help animals in need!

A Special Letter from ARL President Mary Nee

Match Mary’s $5K donation to help more animals in need!

Dear friend,

At the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), we see cases of animal cruelty and neglect every day.


The ARL was called in to help on the case of two Chihuahuas, now named Dancer and Prancer, who were left locked in a rabbit cage with no food or water for over a week.

Even after three years as president of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, I am still shocked by the callous and thoughtless way animals are too often treated in our state.

Just a few weeks ago, for example, the ARL received a call for help from animal control officers in a town in central Massachusetts.

Local authorities had discovered the two starving and dehydrated Chihuahuas where they had been left locked in a rabbit cage in a dark closet for over a week.

I can’t even begin to comprehend why someone would do something so cruel.

Yet what I find more awe-inspiring is the way animals can recover. Their resilience during difficult times, and their ability to trust and love again is truly amazing.

The ARL covered the cost of the pair’s emergency veterinary care. Now named Dancer and Prancer, they are slowly regaining their strength, sweetness, and spunk with a dedicated foster volunteer.

Mary Nee

Help more animals in need by helping to match her personal $5K donation to the ARL!

Our hope is to ring in 2016 by finding them a home.

The ARL receives no government or public funding to help thousands of animals like the two Chihuahuas every year.

We rely entirely on supporters like you and I am asking you to help animals in need by helping to match the $5,000 donation I am making to the ARL.

We need to raise over $900,000 by December 31 to ensure all of our programs end the year fully funded. Big or small, every donation means the ARL will stand ready to answer the call for help from even more animals in need.


Thank you very much again for your support for the ARL and very happy holidays to all the people and pets in your life.


Mary Nee Signature



President, Animal Rescue League of Boston

Visit arlboston.kintera.org/marysmatch or click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston!


Hot Off The Press: Our Four-Footed Friends

Check out the Fall/Winter 2015 edition here!

our four-footed friends

Click on the image above to read the full Fall 2015 edition of Our Four-Footed Friends!

The latest edition of Our Four-Footed Friends, includes news and photos of all the critical work for animals you helped support.

Click here or the image at right to view the full Fall/Winter 2015 OFFF magazine

The important topic of animal hoarding is a major focus in this edition. A growing community problem, the ARL is frequently called in as an expert resource on hoarding cases.

What’s inside…

  • How your support positively impacted ARL shelter pets in 2015!
  • The story of Waggin’s maiden voyage to Martha’s Vineyard
  • A recap of the Adopt a Cat Month and Adopt a Dog Month campaigns
  • “Happy Tail” success stories
  • The success behind national Clear the Shelters Day
  • And much more!

Over 133,000 Massachusetts Voters Say “Yes” to STOP Farm Animal Cruelty

ARL hosts rally to celebrate successful signature campaign

Earlier today,  Citizens for Farm Animal Protection announced they had successfully gathered over 130,000 signatures as part of the effort to secure a 2016 ballot measure in Massachusetts to phase out the extreme confinement of animals at industrial-style factory farms, as well as the sale of products produced under those conditions.

The ARL joined the coalition this summer and worked alongside other animal welfare groups, veterinarians, farmers, local businesses, and individuals to collect signatures. Over the last 9 weeks, more than 1,000 volunteers across the state spent countless hours asking Massachusetts voters to sign the petition for farm animals.

Thanks to the hard work of dedicated volunteers and supporters who were passionate about this issue leaders, the number of signatures collected is double the number of signatures required to qualify for the Massachusetts ballot!

By signing the petition, voters were saying “yes” to allow veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens the basic right to stand up, lie down, turn around, and extend their limbs.

citizens for farm animal protection

Muneco, showed his support by giving everyone a high paw for their dedicated efforts!

“The outpouring of support from Massachusetts voters who signed the ballot petition clearly reflects the growing consensus that humane and safe food sources benefits animals and people alike,” explained Mary Nee, president of the ARL.

The rainy weather today didn’t stop dozens of local and national animal protection leaders, coalition leaders, and volunteers from gathering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s headquarters in South End, Boston for a celebratory rally to acknowledge this momentous achievement.

While enjoying well-deserved refreshments and hors d’oeuvres, rally attendees listened to remarks from animal welfare leaders including representatives from the Humane Society of the United States, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Mary also offered remarks of gratitude and inspiration: “Thanks to the dedicated efforts of all the coalition members, volunteers, and supporters, we all moved one step closer to ending the cruel confinement of farm animals.”

After the rally concluded, volunteers delivered and formally filed the  petitions with the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

citizens for farm animal protection

ARL’s president, Mary Nee, was thrilled to take the stage and speak about the campaign’s successes thus far.

In the coming weeks, the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office will review the coalition’s submission and verify that it will qualify as the first phase toward getting it onto the 2016 ballot.

The next step… Volunteers are needed to collect additional signatures in Spring 2016 to guarantee a spot on next year’s ballot.

A big THANK YOU to all of the dedicated volunteers who collected signatures for the farm ballot initiative and to all those who supported this momentous effort to end the extreme confinement of farm animals!

Nina is Home for the Holidays!

Give a shelter pet the perfect holiday gift, a home

At the ARL, our biggest holiday wish is for the animals in our care and the individuals willing to open their hearts to find one another! Every year, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) unites over 3,000 deserving animals with families and places another 850 with dedicated ARL foster volunteers.

home for the holidays nina

ARL shelter veterinarians discovered large mast cell tumors all over Nina’s body during a routine spay surgery. Thanks to their thorough medical attention, the tumors were removed and Nina was able to go home for the holidays!

Special animals like Nina will have a season that’s merry and bright now that she’s home for the holidays!

Nina, a gorgeous 3-year-old boxer mixer, came into ARL’s Boston shelter earlier this fall when her family was forced to give her up due to landlord restrictions. Up until that point, she had been living with her family, including one child, her entire life.

When Nina arrived at the ARL’s Boston shelter, she instantly became a staff favorite! Anyone who glanced into her big round chocolate brown eyes instantly fell in love and came in closer for a snuggle.

Nina couldn’t get enough attention from her human friends and was was always eager to show off her basic commands for some tasty treats and a generous scratch in her favorite spot- right behind her floppy ears!

It was clear that Nina was ready for a permanent home, but first she would need to be spayed in order to meet potential adopters.

Unfortunately for Nina, things took an unexpected turn. During the routine spay surgery, ARL shelter veterinarians Dr. Quigley and Dr. Doyle came across several large mast cell tumors that were unknowing growing inside of Nina’s legs, back, shoulders, and stomach.

ARL’s veterinarians carefully scanned her body to locate and remove all the tumors and immediately send them out to be biopsied. Several hours and $1,500 worth of procedures later, Nina was awoke from surgery.

home for the holidays nina

Nina happy and settling into her new waterfront home. Something tells us she’ll become a beach bunny in no time at all!

Tired and weak, Nina patiently waited for the results of her biopsy while resting alongside ARL’s wonderful volunteers and staff. Everyone knew that she was one tough cookie, so there was no doubt that Nina would be back on her feet in no time!

A couple of weeks later, Nina received the good news she’d be hoping for! Her tumors were benign and she was medically cleared for adoption!

Shortly thereafter, Nina got her holiday wish and went home with her forever family. By all accounts, she is doing great and hasn’t let her surgery hold her back one bit!

Nina’s new dad was happy to report that, “everything has been so much fun thus far! Nina is adjusting well and is already excited to go running on the beach!”

YOU can help deserving shelter pets like Nina find a home for the holidays by…

  1. ADOPTING from the ARL! Search adoptables
  2. Checking out the wishlists at our shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham
  3. Using Amazon Smile when you shop and select the Animal Rescue League of Boston as the charity you support
  4. Giving a donation to the ARL in honor of an animal-friendly friend or family member.  With a donation of $25 or more, you can select a special card, too!

THANK YOU to Macy’s Boston for helping more ARL shelter animals find a Home for the Holidays!

4 Main Characteristics of Animal Hoarding


As National Animal Safety and Protection Month comes to an end, the ARL reminds our supporters how to identify animal hoarding and the steps you can take to help prevent animals from future harm.

Animal hoarding is a serious, yet under-recognized community problem in Massachusetts that is responsible for substantial animal suffering. Often associated with adult self-neglect and/or mental illness, animal hoarding can also place children, the elderly, dependent adults, property, and public health at risk.

While the 7 subtle warning signs of animal cruelty could indicate animal mistreatment, neglect, or abuse, animal hoarding is defined by these 4 main characteristics:

1. Failure to provide minimal standards of sanitation, space, nutrition, and veterinary care for animals.

According to Lt. Alan Borgal, director of law enforcement at the ARL, “animals suffer mostly from lack veterinary care, spay or neutering, poor nutrition, and no access to adequate clean water. As a result, they are often infested with external parasites like fleas while competing for food and attention.”

2. Inability to recognize the effects of this failure on the welfare of the animals, humans in the household, and environment.

Children, the elderly, and the handicapped are also subject to and unable to escape from these unsanitary and abusive conditions,” explains Dr. Gary Patronek, founder of the Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium. “The hoarder fails to see the harmful health effects that living in an ammonia-rich and parasite infested environment causes themselves and others.”

3. Obsessive attempts to accumulate/maintain a collection of animals in the face of progressively deteriorating conditions.

“We typically encounter cases where the hoarding involves more objects than animals. The result is cluttered and unsanitary living spaces; the kitchen and the bathroom are the first to go.,” describes Lt. Borgal.

4. Denial or minimization of problems and living conditions for people and animals.

“In many cases, the hoarder is completely unaware of the situation,” shares Dr. Gary Patronek, “which is why we believe that there is a strong link between psychological disorders and animal hoarding.”

animal hoarding

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING… To your local authorities about concerns you have about animals in distress; to friends, families, and colleagues to raise awareness about the serious issue of animal hoarding; to Massachusetts elected officials to urge them to pay attention to this urgent community issue!

Only 2 days left to help prevent animals from future harm!

Although ARL’s law enforcement department is often called upon to assist local authorities and municipalities with a variety of animal protection issues, such as hoarding, it receives no government funding to provide this kind of assistance to animals in need. This important work is only made possible with YOUR support!

An anonymous donor who has a strong belief in caring for and protecting animals has challenged us to triple a $5,000 donation and raise $15,000 before the end of October to support the ARL’s law enforcement team. All donations to ARL’s Cruelty Prevention fund drive will help pay for the on-going efforts of our law enforcement team to provide animals in need with assistance.


As a SPECIAL THANK YOU from WBZ 1030 News Radio… Donate $100 or more by midnight TODAY, Friday, October 30 and you will automatically be entered to win a $50 gift card to The Outlook Restaurant & Lounge in Nashoba Valley, MA.!

Click here or on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the ARL’s Cruelty Prevention Fund Drive.


VERY SPECIAL THANKS to our anonymous challenge donor, WBZ 1030 News Radio, and everyone who has made a donation to support animals in need during the ARL’s Cruelty Prevention fund drive!

ARL Talks Animal Hoarding at Fall Educational Forum

Thank you to supporters for bringing awareness to complex community issue

Earlier this week, over 40 of the ARL’s biggest supporters came together at the Ink Block South End in Boston for the President’s Council Fall Educational Forum. The group included corporate sponsors, as well as members of our Board of Directors and our President’s Council, individuals who donate $1,000 or more annually to help animals in need.

Moderated by former WCVB anchor and animal advocate Susan Wornick,  Dr. Gary Patronek, animal hoarding expert and founder of the Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, and Lt. Alan Borgal, director of law enforcement at the ARL. discussed the complex topic of animal hoarding and how the ARL approaches situations where animals and people are at risk.

animal hoarding

Moochie was seen at the event wearing her See Something, Say Something t-shirt in honor of National Animal Safety & Protection Month!

During their engaging exchange, Dr. Patronek explained the academic theories behind the psychological factors that make up an animal hoarder, while Lt. Borgal shared stories about the hoarding situations that he’s investigated over the last 45 years of his career.

“Animal hoarding is an urgent and serious community problem effecting cities and towns across Massachusetts,” explained Lt. Borgal. “The situations that the Animal Rescue League of Boston encounter are becoming more frequent and increasingly complex. These cases are a huge strain for the ARL financially, as well as on our other departments and services, such as the rescue team, Spay Waggin’, intake, veterinarians, shelter staff, and foster families.”

As guests arrived, they were greeted by the wagging tail of Moochi (pictured right) who came to the ARL from a recent animal hoarding case.

Thanks to our amazing host and generous food and beverage vendors, guests enjoyed the cocktail-hour portion of the event enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres, sipping on a variety of cold refreshments, and meeting-and-greeting fellow animal lovers.

animal hoarding

Susan Wornick, Dr. Gary Patronek, and ARL’s Lt. Alan Borgal sit down to talk about the complex topic of animal hoarding.

The program concluded with Mary Nee, president of the ARL, thanking the members of the President’s Council for their generous support and explaining the impact of their donations during the Cruelty Prevention Fund Drive on the thousands of animals who are rescued from animal hoarding cases each year.

Mary Nee’s final ask was for everyone in the audience to take the information they learned from the night’s event and use it to spread awareness to their family, friends, personal networks, members of the community, and Massachusetts elected officials.

THANK YOU again to our generous donors for helping to prevent animal suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect through your support of the Animal Rescue League of Boston!

And a special thank you to our amazing guest host, speakers, and corporate supporters of the Fall Educational Forum…

Susan Wornickanimal hoarding
Dr. Gary Patronek
Lt. Alan Borgal
Ink Block
Unit Realty Group
Formaggio Kitchen South End
Whole Foods South End
Boston Veterinary Care
Boston Audio Rentals

ONLY 3 DAY LEFT… To DONATE to ARL’s Cruelty Prevention Fund Drive!

An anonymous donor who has a strong belief in caring for and protecting animals has challenged us to triple a $5,000 donation and raise $15,000 before the end of October to support the ARL’s law enforcement team. All donations to ARL’s Cruelty Prevention fund drive will help pay for the on-going efforts of our law enforcement team to provide animals in need with assistance.


As a SPECIAL THANK YOU from Ayushi… The first (3) people to donate $100 or more TODAY, Thursday, October 29, will receive $100 worth of cruelty-free vegan skin and hair care products from Ayushi!

Click here or on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the ARL’s Cruelty Prevention Fund Drive.


VERY SPECIAL THANKS to our anonymous challenge donor, Ayushi, and everyone who has made a donation to support animals in need during the ARL’s Cruelty Prevention fund drive!